11. Joe Joe Joe


24 February 1998

Dear Diary,

I don’t know exactly how much I have told you about Joe. But here is the run down:

1. He is called Joe
2. I love him

I totally fell in love with him on the Senior Ski Trip. Today he said hi to me in the corridor (Modern Languages) and I literally DIED.


1. I think he’s in Year 13 / Upper Sixth
2. This means he will be off to university soon.
3. That doesn’t even come into it really as I’d never to get to spend anytime with him anyway as I’m younger than him
4. The more I think about him the more it will hurt if he doesn’t say hi tomorrow
5. He’s always in the Sixth Form block so I’ll never see him
6. He only said hi to me because of the Ski Trip… soon that will be forgotten and will be it. I’ll never get to talk to him again.

Well maybe I should look at the positive side of things:

1. If I don’t see him, I don’t see him. CHILL
2. I have more important things to think about, ie my exams
3. If I see him, I see him, I smile, that’s it. Act naturally.
4. I should think about him as little as possible

Right now I feel confused.
Solution: wait until I see him and then decide what to do

Hoop earrings
Sexy make up
Nice nails

All of the above + cool hairstyle



10. Rob wore pinstripe trousers


Dear Diary,

Ok well (a) this New Year’s Eve was one to remember and (b) I am writing with my new purple fountain pen!

Just before Christmas I went to Alice’s birthday party, which was so much fun. In summary:

  • Rob wore pinstripe trousers
  • Andrew and Zoe started getting it together
  • Henry cried because Jess said they were finished after he caught her smoking, which she’d promised she’d never do
  • All the girls streaked down Alice’s road (well in bras and knickers)

Then we celebrated New Year at Kate’s house. It was excellent. I developed a crush on ROB. But he spent the majority of the night with KATE. When the clock struck midnight, everyone was so happy. There was so much rejoicing and kissing and hugging that it was honestly out of this world.

Unfortunately Andrew spent most of it shouting F*** at Zoe, as she had pulled Nick. Win some lose some Andrew!



9. Belle of the Ball, Kind Of


Dear Diary,

Well school has broken up for the Christmas holidays. The GCSE Mock Exams are over and they were HELL. I’ve had my hair highlighted and cut short. I like it.

Also I went to the Year 11 Ball on 12 December. It was great and I felt really good – I’m not trying to be big headed here, a girl has to love herself! I went with Ed who gave me a red rose (which I have dried). There was an apres at John’s, which was cool.

At the ball I had an official photograph taken with Andrew. Kate has dumped him by the way! She says they didn’t have much in common. At the moment I am really hurting from the whole Jack thing but I would still consider Andrew.




8. Adieu Michael Hutchence, My Love

IMG_053823 November 1997

Dear Diary,

Michael Hutchence has been found dead in his hotel room in Sydney. I’m in total shock. As you know I massively love him. I’m not obsessed, it’s just the kind of typical crush a teenager will have (but I am crazy about him). But how often does your celebrity crush die? I just thought he would be around forever. I feel so sad for him and his family.

I fell in love with Michael Hutchence last year. I know he’s a lot older than me but he was so SEXY and WILD.

Now that he’s gone, and so that I never forget, I just want to write down some of the memories that I have.


1. Getting carpet burns on my knees when I fell over, racing into the TV room to video-tape the INXS appearance on Top of the Pops. I cried for AGES when I realised that I’d missed it. The next day I stayed up until 12:30AM to record the re-run

2. Buying the Elegantly Wasted CD, even though I don’t own a CD player (and it cost £5)

3. Watching an interview with him on Channel 5 and crying because I couldn’t video-tape that channel

4. Receiving the INXS Greatest Hits album for my 16th birthday and LOVING it

5. Coming to school and having History first thing. Meeting Rob on the stairs, who gave me a copy of a magazine with Michael on the cover. I framed the cover and hung it over my bed. It’s still there

6. Reading that Michael felt that his first girlfriend was “pivotal” to him. I had never appreciated a word so much, until then

7. Buying four newspapers this morning, with Michael’s story (totalling £2.45)

Simon, Henry, Jess, Vicky and Sarah have all called to say sorry etc. Emily has been great too and has really looked after me. My reaction to his death may seem completely dumb – but I really loved him. In a controlled way.

I’ll miss you Michael



7. I’ll take the bad news

IMG_943515 November 1997

Dear Diary,

Christ I’m in a bad mood!

Since Fireworks night, I’ve heard from a few people that Jack might like me after all, so I decided to phone him. I told him that I like him and then I asked him what he thought. He said he’d think about it. It’s now been four days since we spoke and NOTHING. Then today, Simon came up to me after school and said that he’d spoken with Jack and did I want the good news or the bad news? I said I didn’t want any news as I have to revise for a massive Chemistry test tonight. For God’s sake! Clearly it’s a NO.

So in summary:
1. I have made a fool of myself
2. I am going to fail my Chemistry test
3. Jack is a wimp for sending Simon as his messenger

I’ll write again tomorrow – if I live.


6. Parents in Egypt

IMG_9312.PNG13 November 1997

Dear Diary,

I sat the scholarship exams with 40 other girls and most of them were at Guildford High anyway – so I definitely had a really great time NOT!

Anyway here is the latest from the weekend:


Location: Vicky’s
Reason: Parents in Egypt
From: Saturday 7PM
Till: Sunday 10AM
Stayed awake until: 3AM
Drinks: 3 vodka and cokes

Such a great night. I was quite drunk though! I fell over in a bush so had to use the shower to wash all the mud off me. I ended up falling over and pulling the shower curtain down – oops! I changed into one of Vicky’s little half tops, which was an improvement on the polo neck I had been wearing.

My friend Ed arrived 8ish and caught me smoking. He wasn’t very impressed, and I felt bad, but he was there when I needed him later.


We were outside in the rain – by then I didn’t have any socks or shoes on and I was wearing that ridiculous half top of Vicky’s. I got all depressed about the Andrew situation, and being ugly and shit like that. We spoke for ages. He was really great.

Anyway, it was a fun night!