10. Rob wore pinstripe trousers


Dear Diary,

Ok well (a) this New Year’s Eve was one to remember and (b) I am writing with my new purple fountain pen!

Just before Christmas I went to Alice’s birthday party, which was so much fun. In summary:

  • Rob wore pinstripe trousers
  • Andrew and Zoe started getting it together
  • Henry cried because Jess said they were finished after he caught her smoking, which she’d promised she’d never do
  • All the girls streaked down Alice’s road (well in bras and knickers)

Then we celebrated New Year at Kate’s house. It was excellent. I developed a crush on ROB. But he spent the majority of the night with KATE. When the clock struck midnight, everyone was so happy. There was so much rejoicing and kissing and hugging that it was honestly out of this world.

Unfortunately Andrew spent most of it shouting F*** at Zoe, as she had pulled Nick. Win some lose some Andrew!



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