7. I’ll take the bad news

IMG_943515 November 1997

Dear Diary,

Christ I’m in a bad mood!

Since Fireworks night, I’ve heard from a few people that Jack might like me after all, so I decided to phone him. I told him that I like him and then I asked him what he thought. He said he’d think about it. It’s now been four days since we spoke and NOTHING. Then today, Simon came up to me after school and said that he’d spoken with Jack and did I want the good news or the bad news? I said I didn’t want any news as I have to revise for a massive Chemistry test tonight. For God’s sake! Clearly it’s a NO.

So in summary:
1. I have made a fool of myself
2. I am going to fail my Chemistry test
3. Jack is a wimp for sending Simon as his messenger

I’ll write again tomorrow – if I live.


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