6. Parents in Egypt

IMG_9312.PNG13 November 1997

Dear Diary,

I sat the scholarship exams with 40 other girls and most of them were at Guildford High anyway – so I definitely had a really great time NOT!

Anyway here is the latest from the weekend:


Location: Vicky’s
Reason: Parents in Egypt
From: Saturday 7PM
Till: Sunday 10AM
Stayed awake until: 3AM
Drinks: 3 vodka and cokes

Such a great night. I was quite drunk though! I fell over in a bush so had to use the shower to wash all the mud off me. I ended up falling over and pulling the shower curtain down – oops! I changed into one of Vicky’s little half tops, which was an improvement on the polo neck I had been wearing.

My friend Ed arrived 8ish and caught me smoking. He wasn’t very impressed, and I felt bad, but he was there when I needed him later.


We were outside in the rain – by then I didn’t have any socks or shoes on and I was wearing that ridiculous half top of Vicky’s. I got all depressed about the Andrew situation, and being ugly and shit like that. We spoke for ages. He was really great.

Anyway, it was a fun night!


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