1. My Sixteenth Birthday Party

IMG_9308.PNG22 September 1997

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I had my 16th birthday party. It was in my back garden from 7PM – Midnight. It was fancy dress, the music was really loud and it was so much fun. I plucked up the courage to dance with Andrew and it honestly felt amazing. It must have been so obvious that I’m totally in love with him. But then he kissed Kate! I cried, of course, and Vicky told Andrew to redeem himself. When I had (finally) recovered he came over and explained:

1. The kiss with Kate meant nothing
2. He thought that I was going out with Nick so I couldn’t have fancied him (AS IF I am going out with anyone!)
3. He was sorry that he’d ruined my evening

Andrew then proceeded to dance the next four songs with Kate. Practically stuck to her, may I add. I danced with Ian, who is such a darling. Our dance lasted one and a half songs and it was so gentle – I almost fell asleep on his shoulder. I then asked Andrew for a chat. I told him that I liked him and that I didn’t know what to about the whole Kate thing. He suggested to ‘leave it’ which kind-of had been my idea too. Then we promised to stay friends.

Then it was time to leave. I hugged everyone goodbye but saved a kiss (on the cheek) for Andrew. Nick and Ed both kissed me goodbye – which I though was just great!

My parents are now away and Sarah is coming over, so I’d better go and tidy my room.


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