4. Friday Night

IMG_930928 October 1997

Dear Diary,

Finally something exciting to write about! I don’t want this entry to make me sound like a little hussy. The fact is,  I’m 16 and I never seem to get the opportunity to do ANYTHING remotely wild with boys. As of last Friday night, that has now changed. Hooray! I have NOT had sex, don’t panic.

Vicky, John, Nick and I spent Friday night at John’s house. It was so much fun. We had some vodka etc. Nick was quite drunk and he led me into John’s bedroom eeek! (John and Vicky were having fun in the Living Room). Nick and I started pashing on the bed. Then on the chair and then on John’s furry rug!

Vicky and I ended up staying the night and in the morning we woke up in John’s parents’ bed.  I was still wearing my black Levis, pink mohair cardigan and Vicky’s Lilac push up bra.

We left promptly at 10AM! Later that day we went to Camden Market shopping. I bought a gorgeous white fur coat and a pair of pinstripe trousers (only to discover that the trousers are Dry Clean Only. Bummer!)



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