2. The Andrew Situation

IMG_9310.PNG24 September 1997

Dear Diary,

OK today  was the first day back at school since the PARTAY and the whole Andrew thing. And what can I say? It was shit. I’m sorry that I have to start this diary with such depressing crap. But I guess it’s just inevitable if you’re called Lucy Jones!


1. There are like a million new couples in my Year at school and they are all obsessed with each other
2. I ignored Kate in Maths
3. Kate spent the whole of break with Andrew
4. We had P.S.E. in the IT Labs and I shared my sorrows with Becky and half of the class (including Will, Andrew’s best mate)

It’s been a rubbish day but I’ve decided that if Andrew doesn’t want me then IT IS HIS LOSS. When I see him in English tomorrow, I’ll just stay natural and sexy. I mustn’t hate Kate, it’s not her fault she loves him.

Ooh my favourite song is on the radio (SASH – Stay)

Anyway, if I do decide to make a fuss, then yes I will fight for him.
But then again HE’S NOT WORTH IT!

I still totally love Michael Hutchence by the way. Yes he’s old but he is a GOD!


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