Hi my name is Lucy. I live in London and I’m a Mum of Two.

It’s 20 years since my 16th birthday and to mark the occasion I have decided to blog a year of my teenage diary. It’s a heartfelt tribute to my innocent youth. At 16 I was an ingenue and a hopeless romantic – I was always falling in love and put a great deal of time and effort into being in love. I loved with abandon, in great quantities and with huge generosity.

But it was always unrequited and boyfriends persistently eluded me.

I kept myself busy writing in my diary and writing up homework. The universe rewarded me with good grades (and a happy ending on the last day of school – as captured in this blog) and the diary that I turned to so diligently, now gives an authentic and often humorous account of one teenage girl’s attempts to find true love and her place in the world.

For my teenage self.

A tribute.

Lucy x